If you've had a baby this year or you're having a baby soon and want to know what's trending, here are what parents most often named their babies in Western New York. Here is a list compounded of the hospitals including Sisters', Mercy and St. Mary's with the most popular baby names from last year. If 2018 is your year, here is what's hot right now.

For the girls, "Olivia" for the third year in a row was the most popular in Buffalo and for the boys "Noah" topped the list for the first time.

1. Olivia
2. Charlotte
3. Amelia
4. Evelyn
5. Sophia
6. Emma
7. Ava
8. Mia
9. Harper
10. Ella

1. Noah
2. Lucas
3. Logan
4. Benjamin
5. Michael
6. Thomas
7. Jack
8. Liam
9. Jackson
10. Wyatt