As we get into the holiday season, it's so easy to get wrapped up in the crazy of it all. From my perspective, it's been more insane than ever, even before it began. Moving to a new place, though closer to my family, has flipped me upside-down.  And as nuts as it's been (still can't find my grocery store without my GPS), I'm incredibly grateful for it all.  And gratitude can get you through a whole lot....even the crazy.

Here are 5 movies that highlight true thankfulness.  Admittedly, they're not all my favorites....but they do share a similar thread in gratitude and the power of making a difference.  Share them with friends and family...or use them for your own 2 hour escape from the crazy. ;)

1. "It Could Happen to You" - Starring Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda 
A nice reminder that it's not all about the money, money,'s about being grateful for being with the person you love.  Makes me even more grateful for the love I haven't found yet!

2. "The Blind Side" - Starring Sandra Bullock  
Hands down, one of the best movies ever.  Watch how Leigh Anne Tuohy took it upon herself to welcome a teen in need into her home, adopt him as her son, and show us how much difference we can make by reaching out to others.

3. "Freedom Writers" - Starring Hilary Swank
Her character reminds us to believe in others, and realize we're all capable of making a difference.

4. "The Pursuit of Happyness" - Starring Wil Smith
It's almost impossible to make it through this movie without a box of tissues, especially when Smith's character sleeps on a bathroom floor with his son, then heads off to his job in the morning.  A reminder that nothing in life is impossible if you persevere, and everyone has success potential.

5.  "Pay It Forward" - Starring Haley Joel Osment
A simple concept:  help 3 people do something they can't, and then simply ask them to  "pay forward" the favor. Brilliant.