Welcome to MONDAY! It got here pretty quick as usual. So what did I do this weekend? I did a little research on the computer to help our beloved pooch.

Sunday afternoon, as the sound of the distant rumble of thunder could be heard,  I watched our 12 year old "Pearl" become increasingly anxious. Over the years we have watched her become more tense whenever the sounds of a storm make their way through.

Among the things I found was a website that promoted "music to calm a dog's soul...helps with seperation anxiety".

"GREAT", I thought...but two thoughts did come to mind. First, on this Monday morning  I too could use something to calm MY soul...and second, how am I going to teach my dog to use the computer? 

With that, welcome back to the work week. Hope the cute doggies in the video help bring a smile to your face. Yes, EVEN on a Monday!