In case you missed any highlights....Here are my favorites....

1.  The Clydesdales -- I know I wasn't the only one weeping at this one.  Perfectly done.  THIS is what a Superbowl ad should look like.

2.  Ram -- A VERY close 2nd here.  Much like Chrysler's "Made In Detroit" ads that everyone loved, this Insta-gram style image of Americana with Paul Harvey narrating was moving, to say the least.  The repetition of "So God Made A Farmer" was heart-warming, and reminds us all of who should be added to the list of American heroes

3. Taco Bell -- Any time old people are shown loving life, having fun, and misbehaving, it's a win.

4.  Tide -- Yes, I did indeed find myself GASPING at the end of this if "The Miracle Stain" really happened....

5.  Just two words for the kids at Calvin Klein -- Thank you.


<3 LD