She's a pharmacist, a former NFL cheerleader, usually sarcastic and probably can beat most guys in golf. He's a cigar salesman and I guess good enough at it to get me to try one and because don't even like them. They're Max and Katie Bichler from Tonawanda -- my cousins -- and they will be on competing on 'The Amazing Race' on CBS this season for $1 million.

Max and Katie got married this past fall and decided to tell our whole family that their honeymoon was going to a month in Europe. Right off the bat, I thought, well, that'll be a doozy on the wallet. But, I didn't put it past them. Come to find out, they weren't in all.

Instead, they were traveling over 30,000 miles all across the world, competing for that $1 million prize. Even though we can't get them to budge on the secret, there's no doubt that I think they won. And if not, I bet they came pretty close.

The premiere of 'The Amazing Race, Season 22' is this coming Sunday (February 17) on CBS. So I guess we'll all just have to tune in to find out!