DJ the Wonder Dog.

She's goofy. She's a wackjob. She's adorable. And I love her.

Joy FM / Laura Daniels

Her 3rd birthday is just around the corner...which is bittersweet for me. See, my first "fur baby" of my very own was Malop...she was a collie/shepard mix, and I lost her to congestive heart failure at the age of 12.

Julia Zave Photography

My world collapsed when I said good-bye to her, but just before she shut her eyes, I whispered, "You send me a new puppy when you find the right one." That was August 7, 2011. DJ was born August 9, 2011. My sweet Malop worked quickly!

What's crazy is, Mal was a shedder...but DJ is a S H E D D E R!!!! I've NEVER had a dog shed so much. Guess it's very common for labs, but THIS is what came out of my LINT TRAP after I washed DJ's bedding...

Joy FM / Laura Daniels

Yes. That's 100% real, authentic, DJ fur.

I heard about the "Shed-Less" shampoo treatment at Canine & Company. Mind you, I've tried EVERYTHING else...and nothing could've surprised me (pleasantly) more than seeing the results of this treatment! After just one bath, I saw a MASSIVE reduction in her shedding. PLUS, she was pampered for a while by the incredible staff....I now won't leave her with anyone else! True story!

You've heard me talk about Canine and Company for months....They are the Wet Nose Wednesday sponsor and overall fantastic people who really do care about your pet just like you do...just like they were their own! I can't recommend them enough...and if you've got a me on this one...GET THE SHED-LESS TREATMENT!!!