While Mother’s Day is a celebration for many, for some it’s a day of heartbreak and pain.  Some mother’s have passed since last Mother’s Day, and there are sadly moms out there who have lost children.  I can only imagine the heartache experienced on a day that is supposed to bring so much joy. 

My wish for you this Mother’s day is that you find strength to help you smile (even just a little) through your tears today. 

I wish you peace, knowing your loved ones are always with you in spirit.  May you carry them in your heart and share their stories and life lessons with others.

I wish you a day filled with memories of hugs and kisses, laughs and good times… enough to last a lifetime.

I wish you hope that someday you will be content to know joy again. 

I wish you love.  A mother’s relationship with her children knows a love like no other, a special bond.  My wish is that the special love between the two of you lives on, filling the void in your heart… until you meet again.

May God Bless You on this Mother’s Day.