Nadiya Sulemon or "Octo Mom" as she's called was on The Today Show this morning. I don't like that name. I never have. It makes her sound like she is science fiction. Regardless of the situation she is a human being with 14 kids. She spoke with Matt Lauer on the shame she has faced in raising her children. She admits that she is now on public assistance and that she has every intention of getting off within 12 months.

 She has picked up the phone and borrowed money from everyone that she can and has even posed partially nude for a magazine. She once received an offer from VIVID Productions for 1 million to star in adult films. It sounds like this young lady is at her breaking point.  It's interesting how America embraces the Duggars, dislikes John and Kate and Hates Nadiya.  Do you think she will be off of public assitance in 12 months?