Both Gordon and I thought we were CRAZY good at this game...until this was put together. concocted this list of great hits of the summer, from THIS summer all the way back to the '60s.

Being that I've been doing radio for 15 years, and I've been a music addict since I was in the womb, I thought I'd ACE this. But it's a LOT harder than you think!

It's Friday...not like you're gonna get any REAL work gather your cubemates around your computer, and give it a shot!

GOOD LUCK.  It's way hard! (But make sure you let me know how YOU did!)

Name That Tune: The Song of Summer Edition

We love our Song of Summer here at Vulture, making it a point to track the rise and fall of contenders every year. These tunes historically dominate the summer because they are so damned catchy, and catchy forever; for years afterwards, just hearing the opening notes of a past Song of Summer can jolt you into a Pavlovian sing-along.