We all try to save cash whatever way we can, and lots of us (thankfully!) are starting to look for natural alternatives to live a bit more chemical-free.

I stumbled across some random post on Facebook that had some really cool all-natural and CHEAP tips for just about everything! I went through the ENORMOUS list and cherry-picked a few for ya...

  • Untangle knots with cornstarch -- This would've been VERY helpful when I was trying to get my "lawn-mowing sneakers" on. Sprinkle cornstarch on tough knots, and they loosen up!
  • Buff dings out of wood furniture...with a walnut -- The kids can run past the armoire with something sticking out of their backpack, and the dog can scratch the feet of your pretty coffee table.  Rub a walnut on the areas, and the blemishes vanish quickly (allegedly).
  • No styptic pencil? Use Chap Stick -- If you cut yourself shaving, swipe ChapStik over it....no more tiny tissue squares!
  • Get rid of armpit stains on t-shirts with aspirin -- Grind up an aspirin tablet or two, add water, lemon or vinegar, and create a paste. Spread that on the stained area, and let it sit for an hour, then wash as usual.
  • Get bugs off the windshield with baking soda -- Mix it with warm water into a paste, spread it over your windshield, let it sit 15 minutes, then wipe off.
  • Remove blood stains from clothing with Coke -- Soak the stain in Coke until it's dissolved, then wash the clothing as usual....but do it before the Coke dries.
  • Clean can opener gears with wax paper -- Run a few strips of wax paper through the can opener, and it cleans out the bits and pieces that built up in the gears. Some wax will also rub off and protect for future use.
  • Remove a bumper sticker with mayonnaise -- Spread mayo on the bumper sticker, and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Rub it off with a towel.
  • Use coffee grounds as fertilizer -- It's full of nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial to soil. Pour the grounds on areas you want more grass or flowers.

I can't verify if these all work well....but if you try any of 'em, let me know how they work! laura@961joyfm.com Feel free to share your own all-natural tips below in the "Comment" section too! :)

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