Where's Fred Flintstone when ya need him?

Did you hear this craziness???

Yes, a mad scientist is seeking an "adventurous woman" to carry what he calls a "neanderthal baby" to full term.  He has DNA from the distant-relative of man, and says he's fully capable of doing it...he just needs a willing womb.

While I guess there's something strangely romantic about being chosen, clubbed, and dragged off to a man cave, I'm not wild about the idea of renting my uterus out to this Harvard School of Medicine genetics professor....

But I suppose, if the price was right....?

I'm also not wild about the baby shower:

"Ohhh, you're glowing.  Is it a boy or a girl?"

"Well, it's half man, half Pauly Shore..."

I also imagine it would be really tough to get child support.

<3 LD

PS....this is what they imagine your bouncing bundle of joy would look like:


Good luck with that.