Ok, so they're a bit sadistic.  But they certainly would get me up!  And when your alarm goes off at 3:30am, you need all the help you can get.

Check out these insane alarm clock apps!


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    BetterMe (free)

    Nothing like public humiliation to get you out of bed. This app (currently only available on iPhone) will post to Facebook every time you hit the snooze bar, alerting your social network that you're too weak to get up and "adult".

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    Wake n Shake ($1.99)

    It bills itself as an "evil" alarm clock, though I think it's pretty tame.  You have to shake your phone violently in order to shut off the alarm.  If nothing else, at least you get in an early arm workout...???

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    Morning Routine (Free)

    This is my favorite, because it really does force you to physically get up out of bed. The alarm won't turn off until you scan the bar code of something in your home. So you actually have to get up, go to the kitchen (or wherever) and scan an item.  BTW, if scanning is too lame for you, this one makes you take pictures of stuff.