We all know it's tough to wake up in the morning, especially on a crisp, cold day.

So, here are some tips that Delilah has shared with her loyal listeners to start the morning off on the right foot.

It gets tougher and tougher to wake up jolly this time of year when the days are short and the mornings are chilly. I’d love to know if you have any tips for starting your morning off on the right foot, but until you share those with me, take a look at some of these good ideas…
Drink a tall glass of water. Too often we rush out without even a drink of water and we don’t have the proper nourishment to take on the busy day. Hydrate that thinking cap of yours!
Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier. What if you were early to work for once? Or beat the kids out of bed? Had time to sip a cup of coffee in peace? How nice would that be? Just sayin’.
Hug all the people you love. Not only will it start your day right, it will start theirs right too.
Listen to your favorite music. As far as I’m concerned, nothing beats good, mood-lifting music.
Eat a hearty breakfast. Again, nourishment for the mind and body will equip you with the energy you need for the rest of your day.
Give thanks. Start your day by being grateful and glad to be in it. Don’t take for granted the blessing it is just to wake up to a new day.
Give affirmations to others and yourself. Stand in front of the mirror and think positive. Dish out more compliments to you and others around you!

What kind of tips do YOU have to start your morning on a good note? Share by commenting below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post