A new iPhone app called the "Ugly Meter" is just what cyberbullies -- including elementary school kids -- need to target easy marks, FOXNews.com reported online security experts as saying Tuesday.  The 99-cent app, now available for iPhone users on Apple's iTunes Store, uses facial recognition software that measures symmetry and other features. Downloaded more than 20,000 times and designed for users ages nine and above, the app scans a snapshot and submits a score of one to 10.  A 10 garners this message: "You're so ugly, when you walk by the bathroom, the toilet flushes."  A 9.4 gets: "You look like you ran a 100-yard dash in a 90-yard gym."   While the app's creators say they are just having some fun, some critics say the software can be malicious in the wrong hands.  What do YOU think?