Whether you're a fan or not, you have to admit that Ashton Kutcher does keep busy. While still a star in That 70's Show, he developed [okay, lifted a lot from the classic series Candid Camera. But he did make a few changes, including using celebrities as his patsies], produced, and hosted Punk'd. Now, as he's about to join the cast of Two-And-A-Half Men, he's created and sold truTV on a new series set in...wait for it...

...the California DMV! No, it wouldn't have been my first choice to locate a TV series, either. But Kutcher may be onto something. The press release for California DMV: Field Offices says the show will be "fast-paced" and "fun" [now, it's been quite a while since I visited the New York DMV. But "fast-paced" and "fun" weren't two adjectives that came to mind when I remembered the experiences. Maybe things are different out West]. The press release goes on to explain that the shows will feature "hard-working personnel who deal with everything from issuing licenses and registering vehicles to maintaining accident records and investigating complaints" [well, earlier this week I was complaining there were no new ideas on television. Obviously Ashton was listening...].

Wait a minute...you don't suppose...I mean, truTV would probably do Kutcher a favor. This couldn't be a set-up for the Punk'd master to punk we the viewers, could it?