When I first saw this product, I thought, "Oh my gosh, how RIDICULOUS. Just READ TO YOUR KID for God's sake!"

But then I looked into it a little more, remembered that it's 2014, and reconsidered. As much as I'd like parents to spend more time with their kids, like maybe your or my parents were able to, I know in this day and age it's just not always possible. And it IS also a very digitized world...and kids do need to understand and accept technology as a part of life.

All this being said, I give you: Smart PJs.

The PJs have polka dot symbols on them that work as QR codes. You use an app to scan the code, and each code brings up a different story on your phone. The words to the stories also appear on the screen, so technically the kid can read along.

The jammies themselves don't actually have any wires in them or anything...they're just regular jam-jams. That have QR codes on them. So...that.

What are YOUR thoughts on this? Awesome piece of technology? Weird way of getting some "me" time for busy parents?