A few friends on Facebook have recently had babies.  Well, congrats to them. But is there a certain web etiquette they should be following?  I've put together a few things NOT to do. 

1. Naked photos. Now when I say naked photos, I mean naked photos. A picture of your adorable newborn taking his or her first bath, all sudsed up, is one thing. A photo of him or her stark naked is inappropriate.

2. Graphic delivery room photos. The birth of your baby is a moment unlike any other in the entire universe. Nothing is that special. But keep it to yourself.  Why would you post it for 1,100 people to see?

3. Photos of your baby's poop. I'm not sure if anyone actually does this, but I thought it was worth mentioning as a precautionary measure.  It brings me back to the old Bill Cosby bit where the new parents are looking at it, playing with it, etc.

4. A million photos of the same thing. Now, your child's expression may look different in all 23 photos of him or her laying on the play mat to you, but to others -- same difference.

Happy Facebooking, and happy babies!