The first preseason home Buffalo Bills game is Friday against the Minnesota Vikings...but don't plan on bringing your fancy purse or stocked cooler.

In an effort to crack down on binge drinking, kegs, funnels and glass bottles are banned.

Orchard Park has passed an open container law, making partying in the lot a little more difficult.

The "clear bag" policy means you can't bring your purse in the stadium...but a small clutch bag is OK.

Otherwise, everything (makeup, feminine items, etc.) must be in a clear, see-through bag, which is not sitting well with female fans.

Seat cushions with zippers, armrests or pockets need to stay home as well.

With the new rules, officials say to arrive at the stadium at least 60 to 90 minutes before kickoff.

128 Erie County Sheriff's Deputies will also be patrolling the tailgating festivities, which now sound like they'll resemble a kid's birthday party.

(Apparently you can stand in the lot and pass around cupcakes, while using your "inside voice".)

COME ON, THIS IS FOOTBALL! BILLS COUNTRY!!!!! This isn't gonna go over well.

I understand we're trying to keep everyone safe, especially the younger fans. But wouldn't it be a bit more palatable if maybe there was a special "Families Only" area? Or a roped-off portion of the lot/area where, if you're gonna be nutso, at least they KNOW you're gonna be nutso?

What are your thoughts?