Yes, all of these are shows on NBC. I will look and see what the other networks have to offer soon as well, but these three look fun and intriguing!

First there is The Michael J. Fox Show:

I was laughing out loud so much watching this preview that our web chick, Angela, came in to make sure I was OK! LOL. I love Michael J. Fox, and I'm glad to see he is back on TV!

Next is the new show Blacklist, which reminds me a little of The Following from FOX. I think it will have the same level of suspense, and I love when a show sucks me in!

Finally, there's the show Dracula, from the creators of The Tudors, which I absolutely loved! Two bonuses for this show: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who was Henry VIII in The Tudors, plays Dracula, and it's not on a premium channel!

What do you think of these shows? Comment below!