Parents....DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER! I'm on your side!!!

Apparently, this story is specifically designed to fill you with RAGE, especially if you're a parent.  A new study insinuates that being a parent really ISN'T a full-time job.  It's a part-time job.

Clocking in at 28 hours and 9 minutes a week, here's their breakdown:

  • 8 hours 36 minutes entertaining the kids
  • 4 hours and 48 minutes cooking
  • 3 hours and 38 minutes doing chores
  • Less than 2 hours EACH on the following:
    -making beds
    -washing up
    -driving the kids to school and activities
    -helping with homework
    -running errands
    -taking care of pets

Of course, most parents aren't buying this (neither am I).  92 percent of parents surveyed said having ABSOLUTELY a full time job.

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<3 LD