Drought conditions have lead Governor Andrew Cuomo to issue a statewide residential burn ban for 90 days.  What's this mean?

The State Department of Enviromental Conservation is implementing a statewide ban on residential brush burning through October 10th. Violators will be subject to both criminal and civil enforcement actions. In addition, the DEC is suspending all burning permits previously issued. A moratorium on new permits is now in effect through October 10th.

The state is also urging folks to take extra caution and follow these steps:

  • Refrain from starting any type of outdoor fire and in cases where a fire must be started, take extreme caution.
  • Be watchful and keep a close eye when grilling outdoors.
  • For those who smoke, make sure a lit cigarette is completely extinguished.
  • When camping, use existing campfire rings when possible and keep fires small.
  • Scrape away litter, duff, and any burnable material within a 10 foot diameter circle. This will keep the campfire from spreading.
  • Never leave a campfire unattended.
  • Drown the fire with water. Make sure all embers, coals, and sticks are wet. Stir the remains, add more water, and stir again.
  • Use a cooking stove instead of a campfire to prepare meals.

To read the Governor's statment, click here.