I've been TERRIFIED of guns my entire life.  There's 100 percent NO rationale behind it....I've never (knock wood) been faced with a violent gun situation, never been shot at.  But whenever I've been around guns in the past, I started shaking, got cold, clammy hands, and pretty much freaked out.

Gun control is obviously a very big topic in the state right now, and I'm not going to get on a high horse about my views.  I'll just say that when a drunk driver kills someone, you don't blame the car.  I digress.

I decided, though, that it's that kind of irrational fear that gets people hurt...if they're ever in a situation where a firearm could actually save their lives.  So I stared down the barrel of fear, made an appointment with a friend of mine in local law enforcement, and had my first shooting lesson.

Being an excellent instructor, he walked me through every facet of safe gun handling for a full hour before I even picked up a weapon.  I learned bullets, casings, sizing, safetys, and everything in between.  Then it was shootin' time.

Turns out, once I got comfortable with the piece in my hand, I'm a pretty good shot!  Hit the target every time (even managed a head shot in there!)...but as these pics show, my precision is a little off....I tend to fire to the right.  That's something I can correct with practice!

And yes, I feel MUCH more comfy now that I know I can hit a target. DON'T MESS WITH ME! ;)

<3 LD

(P.S. This is all going toward my getting a pistol permit....and with the way things are going, as a law-abiding citizen, I should have it by 2025.)