Here we go again.  Two "Divas" slinging expletives at each other...classy right?  NOT SO MUCH.  But gee....haven't we seen this before?  Sure have...try THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF.....

I for one and SICK TO DEATH of women lowering themselves for publicity purposes...that's right...publicity- because I don't think ANY of it is real.  The REAL housewives are about as real as the tooth fairy.

Apparently, the AMERICAN IDOL fight, supposedly caught on a cell phone was a set-up to promote the new season and their new judges...because who doesn't love a good cat fight right?  Or a housewife flipping a table...or calling each other whores... you want your daughters seeing this?  Is this the message we want to send...that it's OK to treat other women like that?  The message it sends, to me anyway is that women can't be true friends.  Can't be people you trust...and that is so sad.

So...the next time you laugh about that crazy you-tube video...or the reunion special of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES...think about it funny?  Or just plain sad.