In accordance with New York State Gaming laws, bingo is now off-limits for people under 18.

According to a report from WGRZ, "beginning on July 9, the minimum age to play bingo will become 18 years old. The state Gaming Commission says the law was updated to bring the minimum age for bingo in line with other forms of legal gambling. Minors under 18 can still attend the games, but can't play."

Some bingo halls that will allow children on premises will require that all entrants (regardless of age) purchase an admission card. The card purchased for the minor must be destroyed after purchase, and cannot be played.

I understand the reasons behind the new regulations, but tradition is making this one tough for me to swallow. I have great memories of going to bingo with my mom, and taking my own kids. I'm going to have to make a "BING-NO" (get it?) coloring book for my kiddos so they have something to dab after I tear up their admission cards!

WGRZ notes an additional change to the regulations for bingo in NY, "...the maximum single Bingo prize payout will rise from $1,000 to $5,000. Governor Cuomo said this will help organizations like VFW's and fire departments raise more funds."

My son at a bingo night, obviously having a blast.

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