Everyone makes mistakes throughout their life, whether it be little mishaps or extreme ordeals.

But Delilah explains in a post on her Facebook page that you should trust in God to help you when you're struggling. In the case of a young woman who is concerned with being pregnant, she speaks about how people shouldn't be so judgmental because they've probably made bad decisions themselves.

A few hours ago I posted about a phone call on the show last night; a young woman who is very upset because she had made a bad choice and is now facing the consequences of a possible pregnancy. She was filled with shame and fear. I posted a quote about trusting in God who can be our life saver when we're drowning! Some of the cruel and heartless comments that were posted in response to her situation made me see red!!… Are you freaking kidding me! I can't believe some people can be so hard hearted and judgmental, as if they've never made a bad decision in their life! It's a miracle I'm not dead several times over from my stupid choices in the past, but thank God I KNOW that I am completely forgiven and totally loved…unless you have lived a perfect life do NOT judge others...

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post