I've been with the station now for almost 4 full weeks.  And they may have been my last!

Channeling my inner 6-year-old-on-Christmas-eve, I snuck into the forbidden area here at the station -- the prize closet.  I poked around, shook boxes, even smelled one (note to self: never do that again).  I stuffed my pockets full of whatever I could grab before the Promotions Director came back from lunch.

Why would "the new girl" potentially jeopardize her very livelihood so early?  Simple -- I like you.  I like you a lot (I don't LIKE-like you that way...yet...).  You've been so kind and welcoming to me, I figured it was time for a payback.  SO...

Sometime after 6am, you could pick up two tickets to the 21st Annual Deck the Halls with the Seneca Lake Wine Trail.

During the 7am hour, it's "96.1 JoyFM's Powerball Power Hour"!  You may be holding TEN Powerball tickets, from us, tomorrow afternoon.  TEN. CHANCES. TO. MAKE. HISTORY!

And after 8am, I'm giving you cultural carte blanche!  Passes to this weekend's Yuletide in the Country Holiday Craft Market.....AND tickets for NEXT weekend's "Classical Christmas" performance by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Hope this little sneak-attack on the prize closet pays off well for you...and that I still get to keep my job after tomorrow's show! ;)