You probably heard about this shocking story out of Bakersfield, Ca.  I'm still trying to figure out HOW someone can put POLICY above PEOPLE.

Long story short, on February 26, a nurse at a retirement home refused to perform CPR on a dying 87 year old who had collapsed in the dining room. She said it was against the home's policy. The home, of course, wants to avoid lawsuits, so their staff can actually be FIRED for violating this policy. The woman did indeed die, and now the home is defending the nurse's decision not to save the 87 year old's life.

The woman's daughter, also a nurse, released a statement saying she understands why the attending nurse didn't take action and doesn't think the outcome would've been different had she administered CPR. She is not pressing charges.

This is an independent living community and NOT a nursing home where medical care is provided...which makes me wonder why nurses are even on staff versus, say, a 7-year-old Labrador.

I realize NO ONE wants to lose their job in this economy. But God help the nurse who denies MY 89-year-old grandmother CPR for the sake of policy.

I'd much rather refresh my resume than watch someone's loved one die. And I commend the 911 dispatcher who literally BEGS the caller to find someone who WILL administer CPR.

Just my two cents.

Here's an EDITED clip of the 911 call:

Here is the FULL clip of the call:

Here's some of your calls:

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