You've seen the damage - on TV, in newspapers, online. You've heard the horror stories - half of Manhattan without power, much-worse damage in other parts of New York City, worse still on Long Island and in New Jersey. How is it the right time for the New York City Marathon?

Incredibly, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg intends to go on with the foot race that, under the best of circumstances, ties up traffic throughout the city's five boroughs. This, at a time when:

-37 people are known dead, and searchers continue to look for the injured and dead;

-as noted above, power is out to many parts of the city, and may not be restored by Sunday's scheduled race;

-the Marathon will require moving city officials [including members of the Police and Fire Departments] away from the most severely ravished areas, and away from vital search-and-rescue operations!

State Senator Liz Kreuger, whose Manhattan district suffered severe flooding, says the 8.000 volunteers who planned to help with the race should be drafted to help in emergency services, while the runners should be sent into tall-elevator-less [no electricity] buildings to search for elderly people who can't get out of their apartments.

I don't know if Ms. Kreuger's plan can happen. But I do think the Marathon should be postponed or cancelled until authorities have a better grip on damage from the superstorm.

But maybe that's just me. What do you think?: