If you travel on any airline I am sure you have seen it or had it happen to you. I call it when kids go nuts. There is something about some children being enclosed in an aircraft that leads too crying, kicking and screaming. I honestly don't know to many toddlers or young children under 6 that will sit still and be quiet for hours. They are children they are active, funny and sometimes wild.

Nadya Suleman or Octomom as she is called was on a flight from NY to LA with her 2 yr old octuplets, her two older children and a friend. If you saw the toddlers terrorize the Today studio you can imagine what happened on the plane.

Kristen Johnston formerly of 3rd Rock, became upset and came from 1st class to business class to tell her to keep her kids quiet. They had an altercation and Kristen got off the plane and never returned.

Recently Malaysia Airlines has considered banning little ones from first class. Do you think this is something that should be done? Honestly, it does not matter if the child is screaming in first class or coach you can still hear them. NO one on an aircraft is exempt from a unhappy child. Have patience and compassion for the parent. I can assure you it's embarrassing. You don't have to tell the parent to keep the child quiet. I can guarantee that they have already tried. Flying with one child and their entourage is trying enough. Flying with eight 2 year olds... God bless her.