Octomom has had quite the couple of weeks. Better known as Nadya Suleman, she checked herself into a much needed rehab facitility for drugs, stress and exhausting (can't imagine why she's exhausted) on Halloween morning. Now, her eldest son is filing for a restraining order. But, exactly who is he trying to keep away?

Apparently, the ex-nanny of all of Suleman’s children needs to move on and her eldest son, Elijah is turning to the legal system to keep the problem away. According to TMZ, “A judge has ruled in favor of granting Octomom's 11-year-old son a restraining order against Gina Bryson, who used to care for him and his siblings. TMZ reported Monday that Elijah fears the woman is bizarrely obsessed with him and won't leave him alone.” Bryson is one of those storytellers, leaking false stories about the children to the media especially, one that would really bug someone—a story she told about him molesting his younger sisters.

Now, with Octomom in rehab, the kids are in more than good hands. Hired to take care of them were two new nannies along with the couple of friends and a personal driver to take them all to school.