The older you get the more vulnerable you feel to illness, and the more likely you are to look for ways to improve your health.

I am not a vitamin person (at least not in excess) so I look for natural ways to stay healthy. I am not so sure that I would recommend these odd ways to boost your health from Mother Nature Network, but to each his/her own...

Eat Dirt - hey I used to do this when I was a kid!  Done in many parts of the world dining on dirt may  soothe the stomach as well as eliminate bad bacteria, viruses, fungi and toxins from your stomach.

Moon Gardening - keep your pants up, it has nothing to do with 'that'.  Gardening in general has been said to reduce stress,  get the added benefit of  moon rays "lunar therapy"  which some believe is helpful for everything from depression to cancer.

Standing at Work -  Sitting too much is being blamed for a variety of health problems...; heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes. So it makes sense that standing, on the job or otherwise should counteract couch-potato related  illnesses and experts say alleviates back injuries and pain to boot.