It’s almost here! It seems once the kids get back to school here come the colds! If there is one topic that sparks endless debate it’s a cold. Everyone has their reasons to catch one and their sure fire way to get rid of one. Well I’m going to ruin the party by citing some scientific evidence: 

1, Wet hair makes you prone to catch a cold: sorry, not true. Scientists have studied it for ever. It’s exposure to viruses that make you sick. Your nose will run a little more outside because the cold weather dilates blood vessels. 

2. Feed a cold, starve a fever. Doesn't really work. When sick, stay hydrated and have nutritious things to eat. 

3. Eat chicken soup: this one works! Make sure it has lots of veggies in it. Scientists have found it will relieve congestion! 

4. Drink a hot toddy and get under the covers to sweat it out. Not scientific at all, but I always try it because I like the hot toddy part!

Well there you go. Here’s hoping you stay healthy this fall and winter!