I'm having a few friends over for an Olympics Opening Ceremony party tonight, and I was going to make Beef Stroganoff (the only Russian recipe that sounded appealing from the ones I found), but it got vetoed.

I still wanted something Russian, and what could be more Russian than vodka! I found this recipe online:

Winter Olympics Alcoholic Drink:

1 part UV Blue Raspberry Vodka
1 part Lemonade
1 part Cranberry Juice

Fill a glass to the top with ice. Pour in the vodka, then lemonade and then cranberry juice. Be sure to add each liquid slowly so the they don't combine!

There is also a non-alcoholic version of this drink for the kids!

Winter Olympics NON-Alcoholic Drink:

-Cranberry Juice
-Blue Gatorade

Fill the glass to the top with ice. Add cranberry juice, blue Gatorade and then add the Sprite. Be sure to add each liquid slowly so they do not combine.

*Note: You can make the above drink an adult drink by adding vodka*