If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, you've seen it: a nation-wide Olympic controversy that we here in Western New York aren't even dealing with!

Here’s the problem: Olympic fans want to watch as many live events as possible. Reasonable. But these Games are in London, a five-hour time difference from the United States. No problem; the events take place for the most part in the afternoon, US time. Just show them then, you’re probably thinking. But NBC-TV, which has American rights to the Summer Games, can sell commercials at a higher rate if it broadcasts recorded events during prime time [they can also take out segments that don’t affect the final results. They do it all the time on your favorite game shows, so why not?].

Of course, if you have all the networks that NBC is using to carry the Games, you can watch them live on your computer. Of course, the picture is probably smaller than the one on your flat-screen in the living room, but…

Enter an assist from our Friends to the North; specifically, CTV, the Canadian TV network with Olympic broadcast rights. For some strange reason, CTV prefers carrying the events live [what are they thinking?]. They present many events in the afternoon, as they’re happening [check out CTVOlympics.ca for schedules]. Problem solved.