In case you missed it this morning...

I told the story of how I was shopping at a VERY big box store (rhymes with "call art") yesterday. I was in the sporting goods section, and as I was browsing, a woman with a 5-or-so-year-old kid in the cart pushed past me.

On the other side of the isle were two kids...I'd put them at 14 or 15 years old.  They both seemed to fancy themselves real playas.....real "hood"....real tough guys, urban kings, living the thug life (um, PS they were NOT....and were both wearing matching red knit hats with ear covers...and wondering how awesome their "boyz" would think they were for playing pee-wee league at the 'mart).  They were playing catch with a football...but not just tossing it back and forth to try it out.  They were goin' DEEP.  Like the length of two isles deep.  With their playing, one of them was swearing up a storm.

Don't get me wrong...I'm no prude with my words.  I'm not easily offended.  BUT, this really bothered me, as there was clearly a small child within earshot.  Her mom didn't say anything, but I sure as h-e-double-hockey-sticks was going to.  I marched right up to Thug #1 and said, "There's a little kid right there.  Watch your mouth."  He shrugged, disrespectfully, and mumbled, "Aiight. Whatevah."  I looked at his wide receiver, and thankfully for the QB, that kid said, "Sorry about that."  If he hadn't, the QB would still be wrestling with a size 8 in his hind quarters.

I know it may have been bold of me...but did I do the right thing?  Or should I have kept my own mouth shut and moved on?

I can tell you this much -- if someone was speaking that way around my niece or my godson?  They'd be dealing with MUCH more than my size many more places than their hind quarters.

<3 LD

Getty images, Rob Heasley