Add yours to the list. 

We've been doing the Halloween thing for a few years now, with an 8 year-old and a 6 year-old, so we ask them what they want to be, pick up the costume and that's it.

Not this year.  My son wants to be Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles..  Shouldn't be that difficult.  But it has been. For two weeks now we've been from store to store, website to website, and nothing.

Let me clarify, we've found the costume, just not in his size, ANYWHERE!

I've talk with some other parents and same deal.  No size small Raphael anywhere.

So today we opted for Donatello.  For us, it was no real difference, but that's who he wanted to be, so he knows the difference.  He's fine with it.  Maybe next year.

Do you have any costumes this year that are impossible to find?