The wet weather moved in, the temperatures slipped into the 30's and the boys of Lancaster Blue were among many local youth baseball players who took to the field over the weekend!  Sunday was opening day in the league my son's travel baseball team plays in, but it felt more like football season!

The temperature was 39-degrees at the start of the game.  The boys had been outside for about an hour already "warming up", while most of us "fans" stayed warm inside their vehicles.  (Yes, we are wimps.)  The poor kids, my son's face was  bright red for the entire game.  (My son, Ryan, is pictured above on the far right, next to his friend hiding under the blanket, Mitchell.  Another teammate, Seamus, is on the far left.)  

One of the dads was kind enough to make a Tim Horton's run early in the game, bringing back a couple of large boxes of hot chocolate for the boys and all of us as well.  (Thank God for Tim Horton's!)

I can honestly say this was the first baseball game I can remember where we bundled the boys in blankets.  It was also the first time I wore my winter coat to a game.  Generally, the other moms and I are wrapped in blankets and the boys tough it out insisting they are fine. 

Opening day 2012 will go down as a memorable one.  "Blue" won the game and we celebrated with a quick bite to eat afterwards at Mighty Taco! 

By the way, my daughter has a lacrosse game today.  I really can't wait though for it to warm up.   (Below: My daughter, Jenna, is bundled up for the baseball game on the left.  Another "Blue" sister, Ally, is on the right.)