Could it be that Oprah and Gayle are on the outs? If you ask Wendy Williams, the answer is oh yes. Wendy is known for dishing the dirt, true or not. I say for entertainment purposes only.

When we tune in to the CBS early show we can expect to see Gayle King, Gayle is Oprah BFF. What happened to her show on OWN?  Well at least she still has her show on Oprah's XM channel.

Oprah is firing back at Wendy Williams with a note. That Wendy knows how to grab the attention of the most powerful woman in entertainment. Don't get between a woman and her best friend !!

"there is only happiness for Gayle and this wonderful opportunity." No fighting. No resentment. Still friends. End of story."Love, Oprah."

I guess oprah wrapped this unpleaseant rumor up.