Amanda Kullman grew up in West Seneca, studied hard and was active in after school athletics.  She's now making headlines at Syracuse University for her role on the college's volleyball team.

Amanda could be a poster child for the old saying "hard work pays off."  The Orchard Park High school graduate went to Syracuse with only a year of varsity volleyball experience, but was recently featured in a story called "A Coach's Dream"  from the Syracuse's Newhouse School of Public Communications.

The Article published on published online at notes "This year’s Syracuse women’s volleyball team boasts players from China, Hawaii, Canada and Puerto Rico...   Although Kullman was recruited to play for Syracuse, she was forced to try out as a walk-on. She made the team and has been improving her game ever since."

The story praises Kullman's work ethic and attitude both on the court and on the bench.  It talks about how she made the team against the odds.  

It's a great article, showcasing local talent than can compete with the best around!  Kullman is a great role model being both talented and modest. 

On a personal note, Kullman's mom is a good friend of mine.  Annette and I have been friends for many years.  I know she's beaming with pride and excitement, I was too when I read the article.  After all, we all hope our children someday have the opportunity to succeed in life.  When they do, as parents, we know we must have done something right. 

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Congrats to the Kullmans!