Congratulations to our 21 (we had a tie!) finalists in our first-ever Halloween pet costume contest! Now, you've got until 5 p.m. on Wednesday, October 30 to vote your favorite pet to the top of the poll to win $500 cash!

Take a look through the pictures below to find the pet you want to vote for, then click the button to go cast your vote. Remember: You MUST be a Joy FM VIP to vote, so if you’re not one, sign up now! Each VIP is allowed one vote per poll per day; any reports of cheating will be investigated, and cheaters may be disqualified at our discretion.

Laura Daniels will announce the winner during the Joy Morning Rush on Halloween!

Maddie (Submitted by Carol Barbero)

Maddie, Submitted by Carol Barbero

Rumple (Submitted by Karen Stockton)

Rumple, Submitted by Karen Stockton

Ralphie (Submitted by Mary Jean Lelek)

Ralphie, Submitted by Mary Jean Lelek

Bentley (Submitted by Christine Shultz)

Bentley, Submitted by Christine Shultz

Trooper (Submitted by Tom Hammond)

Trooper, Submitted by Tom Hammond

Myrrra (Submitted by Maureen Hammond)

Myrrra, Submitted by Maureen Hammond

Lily (Submitted by Jim Burke)

Lily, Submitted by Jim Burke

Sophie and Stella (Submitted by Jessica Nowak)

Sophie and Stella, Submitted by Jessica Nowak

Delta and Daphne (Submitted by Kathleen Measer)

Delta and Daphne, Submitted by Kathleen Measer

Mindy (Submitted by Marie Montford)

Mindy, Submitted by Marie Montford

CoCo (Submitted by Gabi Militello)

CoCo, Submitted by Gabi Militello

Ella (Submitted by Michelle Rowe)

Ella, Submitted by Michelle Rowe

Eli (Submitted by Susan Bishop)

Eli, Submitted by Susan Bishop

Rusty (Submitted by Rochelle Sautter)

Rusty, Submitted by Rochelle Sautter

Ace (Submitted by Sue Ann Golimowski)

Ace, Submitted by Sue Ann Golimowski

Daisey (Submitted by Terry Michalek)

Daisey, Submitted by Terry Michalek

Annie (Submitted by Valerie Ryckman)

Annie, Submitted by Valerie Ryckman

Sasha (Submitted by Chelsea Hall)

Sasha, Submitted by Chelsea Hall

Oscar (Submitted by Julie Cercone)

Oscar, Submitted by Julie Cercone

Bruno (Submitted by Melany Sheedy)

Bruno, Submitted by Melany Sheedy

Jacob (Submitted by Lynne Cercone)

Jacob, Submitted by Lynne Cercone