Will Ferrell may be on top of the world right now with his latest film "Megamind" opening at number one at the weekend box office, but is he really worth his overall weight in gold.  The editors at "Forbes" magazine don't seem to think so.  For the second year in a row, the former "Saturday Night Live" funnyman has landed himself at the top of the magazine's "Overpaid Actors List."  Tabulating returns from box office and DVD sales on recent films made before June 2010, "Forbes" found that Ferrell's films "Land of the Lost," "Semi-Pro" and "Step Brothers" earned just three-dollars-and-35 cents for every dollar he was paid to make those films.  That average placed him above all others on this year's "Overpaid" list.  But with more successful returns on more recent films like "The Other Guys" and now "Megamind," Ferrell's standing on the list could possibly change for the better next year. 

Following Ferrell on "Forbes'" "Overpaid Actors List" this year are Eddie Murphy whose films earned an average of four-dollars-and-45 cents for every dollar he was paid; two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington, whose films picked up five-dollars-and-ten-cents on each dollar of his payout; Seth Rogen's films averaged six-dollars-and-75 cents, and movies starring Tom Cruise posted a return average of seven-dollars-and-20 cents.