Many men and women try to balance too many things at a time, which may turn into a good or bad thing.

A loyal listener of Delilah wrote to her about what to do when it becomes too much:

Dear Delilah:

I'm working a full-time job that demands more than 40 hours a week. Most often it feels like I've got two jobs. And now I'm a full-time student; I just started back in college this week. I want to be a successful career woman and an A-student as well. But I'm constantly bogged down with all the demands on me. Do you have advice for someone who wishes they had the guts to give up? How do I do all of this? Sincerely, Overworked and Overwhelmed

Dear Overwhelmed:

Unfortunately, they have not yet come up with a way to clone us so that we can do all the things we want to do in the course of a 24-hour period. You are one person, and your body and mind requires at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep a night to be able to function at its best. Something in your life will probably have to give. You can't work over 40 hours, go to school full time, and get straight A's -- unless you have no life, whatsoever. You have to figure out where you can make a sacrifice. You don't have to give up! You have to rearrange . Drop a class; change your schedule so you're only taking one or two classes instead. Or talk to your employer about how you can cut back to 30 hours a week. You have to figure out a smart way to balance out your options...and you cannot keep adding responsibilities to your plate until you take a few things off.

How do YOU keep your life balanced between work, school, etc.? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post