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Best Christmas Present Reactions
I'm crying laughing. Watching people open presents that have over-the-top reaction is hilarious. If they love it and are excited its usually cute n whatnot. But, if you give a bad present, especially kids, the reaction can be hilarious. Check out these videos.
Cheektowaga Food Pantry Gets Slowed Down By Crooks
Nearly 1,000 families in Cheektowaga benefit during this Holiday season from the Resurrection Life Food Pantry, and those volunteers aren't letting a few crooks stop them from making their important deliveries. According to Kim Reynolds, the pantry's director, the thieves took convert…
Overboard? PETA Wants You To Start Saying These Instead
This is OVERBOARD. PETA wants you to stop saying these certain phrases and has even said that they are similar to being "racist".
WHAT! Nobody means actual harm by saying these. Look what they want changed:
"Kill two birds with one stone:
Instead say: Feed two birds with one …

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