What's in a name? Well this Fourth of July it has special significance for towns accross America!  

31 is the number of places nationwide with "liberty" in their name. The most populous one is Liberty, Missouri (29,149). Iowa has more of these places than any other state: four (Libertyville, New Liberty, North Liberty and West Liberty).

Eleven places have "independence" in their name. The most populous of these is Independence, Missouri, with 116,830 residents. And the birthplace of President Harry Truman.

Five places adopted the name "freedom." New Freedom, Pennsylvania with 4,464 residents, has the largest population among these. I lived just down the road at one time from Freedom, PA.

There is one place named "patriot" — Patriot, Indiana, with a population of 209.

And what could be more fitting than spending the day in a place called "America"? There are five such places in the country, with the most populous being American Fork, Utah, with 26,263 residents.