Paula Deen caught eating a Cheeseburger. Are you kidding me. Caught.. as if she were hiding in the first place. I dont know should she now eat burgers in the privacy of her home , in a dark corner of a room no less. Just because a person has diabetes does not mean that they can't have a burger or fries from time to time. Let's be honest very few of us lead a 100% healthy lifestyle. Paula Deen is on a cruise with 400 of her favorite foodies. She was snapped eating the unhealthy meal and I'm sure with a smile on her face.  I wish the critics would leave Paula Dean alone. Click on the link to see the story.Paula eats a cheesburger

 Her true fans will continue to watch her deep fry peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and take a bite or two. She is the Queen of Southern buttered Cuisine and I would not want her any other way. I'm sure there are plenty of fruits and veggies in her daily diet and a little deep goodness once in a while (I hope).