When I saw I was almost proud and humbled that people were so generous at a Tim Horton's in Canada this holiday season. It all started when one customer paid for the customer behind them as well. I wish that they knew the effect that it in turn was about to have.

Instead of that person that just got their free coffee saying 'thank you' and driving away, that person also paid for the person behind them and suddenly a massive 'pay it forward line' begun.

When the Tim Horton's employees caught on shortly after what was going on, they did everything in their power to keep the chain going. Apparently, they were calling out the number as each customer left agreeing to pay for the person behind them.

You either may have really made out on the whole deal or you may have ended up paying ten bucks instead of your two dollar coffee. But, it was all for the greater idea.

Almost three hours later, the chain finally ended at 228. It ended when a guy who had just had his four cups of coffee paid for him decided not to buy the three cups of coffee the next person in line had. I wonder why he stopped it. He just got four cups paid for and only three he would have had to pay for. What a grinch. But, as it's said, "all good things must come to an end". Pretty cool stuff.

Tim Hortons Buffalo