Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law that will have New York State seeing the toughest gun laws in the United States, the first big move in the country since the Sandy Hook Massacre  The measure, which passed with a 43-18 vote on Tuesday will cause strict bans on assault weapons and lowering standards to what exactly assault weapons are.

Here are the bits you need to know if you know someone that owns a gun:

1.)    Currently, the NY law says assault weapons are guns with 2 “military features” on it. With the new law an assault weapon will be anything with one military feature on it.

2.)    Private sales of an assault weapon to someone other than your family is prohibited.

3.)    No Internet sales. Period.

4.)    The failure to comply with the following will result in a misdemeanor charge: Failing to safely store a weapon, and ammo magazines have to be no bigger than seven bullets. If you have a magazine than holds more than seven bullets, you have one year to sell them.

What do you think about all these new laws? Problem is that it stinks for responsible law abiding situations.