If you missed out on one of the latest (April 4) episodes of The Office, you didn't get to see Phyllis falling a little too hard for her audiobook version of "Fifty Shades of Grey".

Dwight has an idea on how to put out her fire....

(Please note, could have some NSFW references...view at your own discretion.)

Now, before you go callin' ME a dirty-bird for bringing such filth and smut to your computer screen......you're the one who clicked this post.....so who's the naughty one now...? ;)

(I'd also like to issue the disclaimer that I did not write, direct, produce, star in, or have any other involvement -- other than watching -- this episode...so if you find the content racy, write NBC.  Don't shoot the messenger!)

Seriously, it's all fun and games...and couldn't you use a FUN night out with your girlfriends?  Sure you could!