Having something to be passionate about helps to bring joy into your life.

Delilah explains her passion for drawing and how she's also been using it to give back to others.

I love to draw; I have for my entire life. In fact, I doodle on everything, even paper napkins at a restaurant. My hands move more than my mouth, if you can believe that! This past summer I released a lot of that creative energy in my studio at night. In between calls, I would draw bits of nature that I saw during the day - birds, bunnies, raccoons, flowers, and many more scenes that made me smile.
I started posting my drawings on Facebook and people began asking to buy them. I decided to make some of them into prints and sell them for my charity, Point Hope, which led to another idea - putting them into a 2014 calendar. Well, that calendar is here, folks, just in time for the New Year!
I am offering a 12-month calendar with my original artwork (a different picture for each month) which also provides interesting information about Point Hope and Point Hope Ghana, two non-profit, humanitarian-aid organizations I founded in 2004. All of the net proceeds from each calendar sold will be reinvested in the children and families Point Hope cares for and serves. Click here to order your 2014 Point Hope calendar today.

Happy New Year!

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post