East Aurora Police are looking for thieves who have been stealing flush valves from public restrooms.

Fifty flush valves have been stolen from public bathrooms in Hamlin Park and Emery Park in East Aurora, as well as Chestnut Ridge Park in Orchard Park, over the past three weeks.

East Aurora Police Detective Rick Daminski said:

"I think they're taking them for scrap. They are an older flush valve that can't be resold. It's aggravating; it's just wrong and we're going to catch them....The flush valves are just such an odd piece that I can't believe nobody has notified us yet."

Police say the "wet bandits" know what they're doing.

"Most of them were taken out professionally, without any damage, breaking porcelain."

The replacement of flush valves has cost East Aurora around $5,000. Officials say the thieves probably only got a couple hundred bucks for the valves at a scrap yard.

Anyone with information is asked to call East Aurora Police at 652-1111.